January 21, 2012

Movie Fix - 'No Se Lo Digas A Nadie' (Don't Tell Anyone)

Movie After The Jump
This movie is a Spanish comedy/drama of a boy to Peruvian man from Lima who comes to grips with sexual identity and life on life's terms. This is the story of 'Joaquin', a very typical story of most Gay men. I'm sure you will be able to identify. At least, with the stuff lurking in depths of his Joaquin's soul. The surface stuff... his well to do(wealthy) parents; Macho/ignorant father and his stylish/religious mother. Joaquin's mother is to die for! A role model for all closeted young people! :-)

The movie doesn't really begin when Joaquin tries to kill the first 'straight' man he tries to have sex with. The movie takes off ground when his best friend 'Alejandra' become "faux-lovers". Alejandra tries to 'fix' Joaquin and make him straight. What's revealed afterwards leaves us all pondering on the meaning of our lives. If you like foreign movies without subtitles, and you speak Spanish, or if you don't, click play.

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