November 3, 2011

Tech Fix - Bendable Smartphones, Buzz Report, And Rumors!

More After The Jump
Though its not out yet, Nokia says this device may be in your hands by next year! Very cool, next to the holographic projection mobile computer. :-)

Click here for the full article

Buzz Report

Buzz Report's Molly Wood has another heaping scoop for us on the latest and greatest happenings in the Tech world. Tune in!

New Cnet Show & Podcast

New technology show started at called "Rumor Has It". As the show's title states its all about rumors in the tech world. The show also is available as a podcast for download on all major podcast players. Emily Dreyfuss (perhaps Queer) and Karyne Levy(surfer'esque gal-friday) serve us really funny show.

May I add, CBS Interactive, owners of, does a great job at hiring the best tech people and being a very open to hiring Queer staff. Like savvy transgender former Senior Editor "Ina Fried"


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