October 29, 2011

TV Fix- New Animated Series 'Allen Gregory'

Move over Stewie, there is a new pretentious, witty, and bratty kid on the block named 'Allen Gregory'. On the self tittled Fox Television animated television show, Allen Gregory is a precocious 7 year-old being raised by his father Richard and his partner Jeremy. On the first episode premiering this Sunday October 30, 2011, Allen Gregory, voiced and created by 'Superbad' actor Jonah Hill, is forced to attend a public elementary school due to the recession, and has trouble fitting in.

We mentioned in a previous post that Fox was lead the other networks with gay characters, and now gay has gone animated, and the show does seem funny. Check out a the preview of the show.


  1. The Allen Gregory Show seems Hilarious.. lol .. I've never seen the commercials .. thanks for the insight :-)


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