October 31, 2011

Oral Fix - #1 Post Of The Week: Dr. Magnus' Lesbian Kiss

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There you have it folks! Long ruling posts of the week and months at Oral Fix has been topped by Dr. Helen Magnus of SyFy's syndicated program "Sanctuary"! Sorry Carlos and Carmen we did need the change on our popular posts of the week. Dr. Magnus' Lesbian Kiss post rules!

Despite all the shock and hate responses in the Sci-Fi world its obvious that human nature and desires for love knows no boundaries. And smart women packing a punchy british accent, intelligence, a hot wardrobe, and has love for all are loved by many!

Dare I compare Dr. Magnus to "Dr. Who"??? Hmmm... Yes I shall! We love Dr. Helen Magnus and we love the Sanctuary and all it stands for! We all need love, even the haters!

In the words of Sanctuary's Fan Page admin:
"Our opinion? We really, really love open mindedness. Love is love. Respect."

Orally yours,

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