February 20, 2013

Oral FIX | Blast From The Past Homoteens Documentary

Your's truly, Henry M. Diaz host of the Oral Fix podcast, gets a blast from the past during this Mercury In Retrograde! My segment starts at "34:38". And for the record...

Despite the naivety of my youth, to my true cultural heritage. I must admit that I am not Sicilian!! That was a fabricated lie in this documentary and that part of my past. My true heritage, which back 'then' I was ashamed of, is American Taino Indian.

This all happened last night before I went to sleep, I checked Facebook. I had received a message from this cute guy on the West Coast. Who I checked out previously in the day. As a result from commenting on Accidental Bear's Mike Enders post regarding SSION's new video release for "High".

Randomly, it turned out that this guys knew me me from the documentary I was featured in called "Homoteens"! Circa 1993 or so... Lately a lot of Facebook "magic" and "synchronicities" have been happening to me. This one takes the cake!!

Not only did I have an impact on peoples lives in this video, the return of this documentary into my life couldn't have arrived in a more opportune time! I had lost touch with the producer of the video and had no copy of it, since it was lost in one of my geo-graphic re-locations. I guess Mercury In Retrograde isn't so bad after all?? LOL!

I also have another friend in the West Coast! YAY! Thank you Will Bethencourt!!! x ♥ x


  1. I have to say my fashion looks flawless. And I wish we had a print of the promo shot.

  2. I wish I had one too. You maybe able to get one from the Vimeo HD version of the documentary. As a screenshot.



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