May 30, 2012

Music Fix - New Videos M83 'Reunion', Florence+TheMachine 'Spectrum'

Videos After the Jump
It's been a while since a music video made me cry. This morning as I click with much anticipation built up since the last great music video from M83, 'Midnight City'. I was very excited to see the sequel video story of a band of experimented (mutant) children, fighting for their liberation from a controlling military "unknown". This sequel did justice not only to the song, but for the plight of children everywhere who are misunderstood, because they are gifted in spirit.

Another, highly anticipated video from Florence & The Machine was released today as well, 'Spectrum'. Directed by 'David LaChapelle' and 'John Byrne'. I was expecting a bit more. But the gowns, wigs, and mermaid like tail at the end screamed artistry to me! WHOA!!! Bring it on 'Florence'!!!


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