May 30, 2012

Orally Yours - 'Thank you', Old Dogs & New Tricks, 'Behind The Scenes'

Video After The Jump
Since the Writer/Producer and Actor of the YouTube hit 'Old Dogs & New Tricks', Leon Acord, was featured on the episode #045. ODNT's producers and actors have been hard at work raising money for the Second season, as well as signing on guest actors. So far they've manage to raise about $3,500 on Enticing donors with scene props, DVDs, t-shirts, mugs, dinner date with the cast (at Leon's home), and if you're a really good donor, you get a 'private' reception with all 12 cast members!! Autographs included! How about just a threesome with 'Muscles' (Jeffery Patrick Olsen) and 'Bobby Burton' (Thom Bierdz)? Don't wait too long to donate, 21 days left! 

Also, they've recently added behind the scenes shots of season 1, using clips of Oral Fix Podast's interview with 'Leon'!! Giving myself and the podcast credit! As I mentioned earlier on their Facebook fan page "As much as I like being a 'tease', I really can't stand being 'teased'!!! Can't wait for season 2!!! Thanks for the credit, guys!"


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