May 27, 2012

Episode #047: "Get Off Your Asses, Queers!"

In Memory of "Jim Enerst"
Happy Memorial Day Weekend, LGBTQ’s! Henry has some ‘Nancy Grace’ moments. Would you buy an all in one 27” PC or an ‘Instagram’ camera? LGBTQ community gets an ‘Orally Yours’ from Henry. Pastors incite war on Gays! The sky may be falling y’all! Tune-in!

Hosted By: Henry M. Diaz

Show Notes

Music Intro:

Weekly Review
Queen Latifah Comes Out of The Closet

Future Of What - I Wait For You

Orally Yours:
Dharun Ravi's Sentincing Harsh Enough?? Click to Vote

North Carolina's Anti-Gay Pastors / Reverends
Pastor Sean Harris

Music Break 3:

Music Break 4:

Good Byes

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