April 28, 2012

@YouTube Fix - Saving The World With 1 Queer Vid At A Time

First up, Glamorously funny and chic.  The Young Professionals out in Telaviv, Israel are at it again! Soaking up all the fame and goodness off their first hit 'D.I.S.C.O.'.  Which featured demi Drag Superstar 'Uriel Yekutiel'. TYP put  out a 3 part instructional video on the dance steps used in the music video for 'D.I.S.C.O.'.  With reprised role of the lead femme fatal dancer herself ' Uriel Yekutiel ', as your instructor!

Second, what was total "abuse" of customer privilege at a local Apple store. One of our own Queers, Josh Rimer, who loves himself enough, and Apple, recorded his latest music video using one of their computers. While recording, he then recieved a following Apple fans, who stopped to watch and record Rimer's moves. Which also included, free authentic cheers and applause. Hmm... Just no free 'tank tops'. Checkout this Crazy "Dancing Queen"!

Third, Queer Aussie muppet bears Roger & Bryce have a new video out where they relive their memoirs of when they first met. This is the uncut version. Enjoy! :)


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