March 25, 2012

Anime Fix - Thundercats Return With Episode 14 'New Alliances'

Video After The Jump
Finally... talk about the 3 week hiatus for Fringe! Thundercats on the other hand, wins the 'slow poke' award for the century! About 4 months to be exact! Some are calling this season 2 and others are just seeing this as a continuation of season 1. We really don't care!

"Thundercats are on the move", with some improvements, forming new alliances with the Lizards. And now Jackal and the barbarian Monkey dude from the original storyline are back! Noice! Yeah, Lion-O is still around throwing Prince like temper tantrums. Lots of fun to be had in this episode, also featuring "Berbils and Panthro love".

Grab the pop-corn and click play! Enjoy!


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