January 17, 2012

#Vampire Fix - @UnderworldMovie Soundtrack

Video After The Jump
Let the countdown begin!! With some sounds! The Underworld Awakening movie due to come out this Friday has released a preview of their soundtrack on Youtube. Previous Underworld soundtracks have always featured Alternative Rock and Heavy Metal music artists. Most of it very dark just like the story.

This soundtrack is nothing different from the others, but familiar reworked sounds from some Goth and Indie/Alternative Rock bands. Of the like are 'Ministry' and 'The Cure', remixed by Renholder. Very schweet tracks. Among them are some familiar names as 'Evanescence', 'Lacuna Coil', '8MM', '& Sons', 'Civil Twilight' and 'Silent Fury'. The video also shows off unreleased photos from the movie. Can't wait for Friday!

Catch the post we did on 'Underworld Awakening'!



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