January 5, 2012

Sci-Fi Fix - @FRINGEonFOX Returns 1/13/12 - We Say "Are We There YET!?!"

Video After The Jump
Don't get us wrong... we LOVE 'Fringe', even though Season 4 has been one bowl of "molasses"! We've been very upset here since Fox Broadcasting took an episode away from us before the holidays started. Now they are announcing the continuation of Season 4 starting 1/13/12, and again 'promising' "all will be explained"...soon.

Hmmm, can't fight the 'gnawing' feeling that it will not 'all' be explained. And what does get explained will have no 'salt' in it. Making new viewers even more closed to the idea of multiple universes and parallel realities.

Oh did I say 'multiple universes'? Excuse me. :^)

I and my brothers (who turned me on to Fringe) are in complete disgust with the downward spiral Fringe has taken us since Season 4. We long for the days of Season 1 and 2! Please bring back our good ole action packed days of Fringe!!! Not this dumb ass soapy-opera!!! Grrrrrrr!



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