January 5, 2012

Orally Yours - Madonna Redirect Yourself, Give Us Reappraisal!!

***Update: Piero contacted us to let us know he is not a DJ or in anyway affliated with Madonna or the studio that produced these tracks. The most original work in his set with regards to sound (that does not belong to Piero) is track #5 [Hip(hop)notic Trance Remix]. All other tracks have cut and paste acapella versions which are found on Madonna's Erotica single. Furthermore Piero says he knows nothing about music. We beg to differ. Piero, you did some nice cutting and pasting! Thank you for making these traces available to the public!

DJ Piero973 over in Italy sure knows how to take the best of Maddonna and 'reprise' it so it stays fresh and new. Like if you never heard it before. As a follow up the review I gave 'Madonna' on the acclaimed "leaked" tracklist to her upcoming album and free 'career counseling'  given by Drew and I. We think Madonna needs to 'step' it up and get some ideas from from her fan 'Piero973'. Listed tracks below are rare studio recordings of 'Erotica' remixed by Piero973.




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