January 3, 2012

Music Fix - "Boxer" By 'Lovers' The Band

Videos After The Jump
Hey you late '80s and early '90s Queers! Have you been longing for something more since the days of 'K.D. Lang' and 'Joy Division'?? We came across the band 'Lovers' on Homoground's Facebook Fan page, and well... we fell in 'love' with them! Piercing siren 'Carolyn Berk', melodic/hip synth artist 'Kerby Feris, and nurturing precussionist 'Emily Kingan' form this new soul-filled sound of Queer'centeric spirit band called 'Lovers'!

Here are some videos of their live perfomance on Seattle's KPEX radio station. Tons of other live performances can be found on KPEX's Youtube channel, like our favorite Diva Siren "Florence".



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