January 6, 2012

Movie Fix - @Tilda_Swinton To Play 'Auntie Mame'

Video After The Jump
When I saw Auntie Mame years ago, I fell in love with the movie and the divine Rosalind Russell. The movie is about a young orphan boy sent to live with his free spirited, vivacious, and impeccably dressed aunt called Mame. The movie is filled with camp and fabululosity. It's like, if Patsy from 'Ab Fab' had to raise a child in the 50's.

I came across an article in Out Magazine stating that Tilda Swinton will playing the iconic character Auntie Mame. Tilda might not be my first choice, but she is a great actress and eccentric in her real life, so I will keep an open mind. The role has been played by the great Lucille Ball and Angela Lansbury, but Rosalind Russell is by far the best in my opinion. 

Here is the original trailer from Auntie Mame starring Rosalind Russell. If you get a chance, rent it and you can thank me later.



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