December 28, 2011

SMH/Queer Fix - Mr. 'Gay' USA & Mr. Gay World?

Michael Holtz 2011's Mr. Gay USA

Oh come on guys! You know you want to get all pageant'd up and pretty and get a speedo on with some oil slick to set off the light on your glistening 'muscle' toned bodies... Not just for the cameras, but for the loads of boys and girls, Queeens and Kings who will be there and on their best 'game'. Oh'kay, now why is this all so today's news for moi [Henry]???

Well, girls make use of that gym membership because the winner of this contest will be shipped to South Africa to represent in the next level up pageant... uhm, 'contest' of "Mr. Gay World".  Oh, let me not for get to include the "reality show" which is included with the package of 'Mr. Gay World". By LogoTV? Hmmm, maybe not, otherwise we would've heard about this by now...

Yup! Prizes and details are in the links below... go ahead gurrl you know you want to read them....

>>Mr. Gay USA
>>Mr. Gay World


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