November 9, 2011

TV Fix - Save Fringe From Being 'Cancelled'

We have done several posts about the Fox sci-fi show 'Fringe'. Recently, Henry gave an "Oral Lash" when Peter's return was interrupted  by the World Series game. Now several sites including TV Guide and are reporting that 'Fringe' is on the list of shows that could be 'cancelled'.

We knew moving the show to Friday nights was not a good sign, but we hoped lightning would strike twice like when Fox moved the hit series 'The X-Files' to Friday's; no such luck. "Fringe" ratings are hovering around three million mark and although it gets a boots from DVR views; it's not enough to save the show.

So, we know that we have a lot of sci-fi loyalist reading our blog; We have the proof in Sanctuary's Lesbian post still remaining at number one on our blog. We ask that you show the same support and spread the word about 'Fringe'. Save the show from being cancelled.

Audiences from other shows have banned together in the past to save shows and it has worked, so we want to start now while folks are whispering about Fringe's cancellation. Get your Friends to watch. 1 friend can get 5 friends to start watching Friday nights. Those five can get more and so forth. Tune-in every Friday to Fox and help give 'Fringe' the much deserved boost in ratings.

- Drew


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