November 9, 2011

DVD Fix - 'Bite Marks'

Video After The Jump
We LOVE us some vampires here at Oral Fix. So, we will give anything on the subject of vampires a chance; case in point Breaking Glass Pictures film "Bite Marks", which is now out on DVD. Here's the plot: A truck driver takes over missing brother's delivery of a load of coffins to a funeral home, and picks up a gay to help him stay awake. Of course, things do not go according to plan. They end up stranded, and must face a group of blood thirsty vampires that were in coffins. The threesome (no pun intended) must survive until dawn.

These are not the sexy vampires of True Blood and Twilight. These vampires are more like gruesome like the ones in 30 Days of Night. Let us warn you now, the film is suppose to be a "gay horror" comedy, so do not blame us if you were expecting a drama. There is gore, sex, and lots of cheesy comedy, which sometimes we all need in our lives. Check out the preview for yourself, and if you are like what you see head over to our amazon widget to purchase.


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