November 6, 2011

Oral Fix Podcast, Episode #022: Special Guest, Actor, Alexis Cruz

Oral Fix this week gets into the wonder of "Baby Jesus", Drew and Henry interview Hollywood Actor Alexis Cruz regarding his new Graphic Novel and thoughts on Dr. Magnus' Lesbian Kiss, and the Main Drag topic "Gay Hate Crimes". Much more, click play!

Hosted By: Drew Brown and Henry M. Diaz
Topic: Speicial Guest, Actor Alexis Cruz
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Show Notes

Baby Jesus
Book: A New Earth, Eckhart Tolle

Special Guest
Interview: Alexis Cruz, Actor
Alexis' Profile
Facebook Page
The Un-Professionals,
A Graphic Novel Of Sociopathic Bromance

Written By Colin Rankine, Art By Carlos Moreno
Music Break: High Places - Year Off

Main Drag
Topic: Gay Hate Crime Articles:
MTV's Real World: San Diego's Zach Nichols Threatens To "Beat The Gay" Out Of Lesbian Roommate
Man Doused Sleeping Gay Friend In Alcohol, Set Him On Fire
Gay Man Burned To Death, Left On Road
Texas Gay Man Beaten Stabbed Thrown Into Lit Fire Barrel
Lesbian Couple Treated To Noose "Kill The Gay" Graffiti On Halloween Weekend

Chicago Group: Bash Back!

Crackle Show: Gay Town

Music Break: The Golden Filter - Shake

Back Into The Closet
Drew's Item: "None"
Henry's Item: "None"

**Chris Brown's Penis on Unicorn Booty

Ending Music: Lana Del Rey Blue Jeans (Peguin Prison Remix)


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