November 17, 2011

Oral Fix - J&D's "Bacon" Lube

Videos After The Jump
We all know how Drew feels about bacon. So we figured we'd post this here to get his attention and for those of you who are also fond of bacon. According to this bacon lube might just go well with some "Anus" gormet chocolates. As we found out on our first podcast episode, Drew prefers his bacon with champagne.

Now, we started wondering about Miss Piggy, and her thoughts on J&D's Bacon Lube. We tried to reach her for comments but she was too busy getting ready for the opening of the upcoming Muppets movie. Which starts this Friday. In the video to follow, JD's staff sure make this Bacon Lube sound really good. Makes me want to spend $12 for some!

What are your thoughts y'all?


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