October 13, 2011

TV Fix - 'Precious' Director Lee Daniels To Create LGBT Series

Lee Daniels is creating a new series for the Showtime cable channel. The series will center around the disenfranchised multicultural transgender youth of the "Ballroom" subculture in New York City. If you have seen the "Paris Burning" then you know this will be fun to watch. Kudos to Showtime for continuing to back shows for the LGBT community. They brought "Queer as Folk" to America and gave us both "The L Word" and "The Real L World".

We hope Logo TV is taking note and will be bring us some quality programming. We love the Rupaul Drag Race and Drag U, but they have not produce anything else as good and for some reason continue to play the show "16 and Pregnant".

Showtime, we look forward to the new series!!!


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