October 28, 2011

Oral Lashing - Fringe "FOX" Fridays or Smell Of "SYFAIL TACTICS"???

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Yeah Olivia, I'm pissed off too! Garrr'garrr'garr'rrrrr!

I just got reamed, no not 'rimmed', by some Fringe Fan on Youtube because I left a comment on their lates Fringe "reminder" announcement for their latest episode "Novation". The fifth episode of the 4th season. He, username "ebedgert", says its Fox's fault that they bumped Fringe's episode till next Friday. He said the rain was to blame for canceling Wednesday night's World Series game. It threw Fox's scheduling off.

Okay game is Rained out and so is Fox Broadcasting Network schedule. I get it! The game had to bump into other slots and that included tonites slot for Fringe. I really do get it... "NOW". Thank you "ebedgert"! Yes. I get it. Though I didn't when I got my Youtube subscription update from the "Fox Broadcasting". Telling me to set my "alarm" for "11/14/11".

Well I didn't get the memo from Fox! In the past regular TV channels 'cared' about their audiences loyalty. They would phrase, kindly, something like "Due to Weather Related Circumstances Your Regular Programming will be interrupted tonight." Instead of leaving us "non-sports" viewers our of the loop!


If it wasn't bad enough that Fringe didn't have a good ratings for the first two episodes. C'mon Fox! You starting to smell like "SyFail's" horrible cancelling reputation. Ewe. I love Fringe. I love the Fringe cast, story, scripts, special effects, and soundtrack! Awesome production and direction!!! But don't play my loyalty like a puppy on a leash!

For those of you who don't know about SyFail (a.k.a. "Syfy Channel great show killer") I suggest you click on the link to SyFail and familiarize yourself with the real deal. They cancelled great shows like Startgate Atlantis, Caprica, Eureka, Stargate Universe and many others. The end was delivered to these pioneering shows by interrupting and changing their time slots; lack of advertising about changes to scheduling; lack support and impromptu scheduling of wrestling shows delivered the timely deaths and lack of prospective viewers!

Soon enough the shows would loose viewer ship and stamina. Syfy would hype up these great shows to later on pull the rug from under them. Really weird and wacky tactics. What was worse is when they had thousands of fans observing their tatics and observing them closely and all surmise the same answer. "Occam's Razor" people! The simplest answer is the right answer!

Just to mention, oddly enough, most of these show's that were cancelled by "SyFail" featured permanent or various gay characters with major roles 'publicly' Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered roles. Though Fringe does not yet have any and it hasn't been pointed out yet on SyFail's record of destructive cancellation behaviors. I did feel it was important to note that for the record!

Yes we've been waiting to find out 'what happened' to Peter Bishop! But that alone does not give you the right to make us believe the episode was going to appear on 'two' different days, and not follow through. With out some sort of statment as to why and no worry about concerns for the future of the programming. Sure we'll figure it out. We'll forget to watch. Yeah. Uh-huh! Yup!

"Oh, there's a newer show on Friday night I can watch... wait... what's it called? Oh, what a new bar, party, spot to hang out and waste my 'valuable time' at.?!?"

"Fringe who? Peter Bishop who?"

Before you know it the holidays will be hear. Lets see if Fox can sprinkle some more programming magic into our lives. Oh, I sure hope its not with that special "SyFail's" Adobo!

I'm not a sports fan! GEEZ - FOX! How the heck am I suppose to know the show was bumped because of the weather??? Or those other 3 million plus fans who are left in the dark?

C'Mon, common courtesy next time!

Orally Yours,

**UPDATE: Correction, Canadian TV will also not be airing Fringe episode "Novation" tonite! Garrrr!

UPDATE: I was on TheFringePodcast.com website reading up on their take on Fox's "Fringe" event. A good portion of the feed back received on their post were from Canadian's who say that Fringe's episode 5 "Novation" will still be airing tonight. Some have kindly provided links to the station's who's websites usually play the episode the day after the show airs. Worth a look, but I don't think you can watch it afterwards. Due to internet "border patrol" regulations.


  1. Loved your article about Fringe/Fox. And for the record, Olivia must be a closet case....note the sexy butch swagger!

  2. LOL, Thank you! I never thought about her that way! But I'm starting to see it after Peter disappeared! LOL!

    You maybe onto something there...
    Peter gets totally rejected because now she's a Lesbian in his absence! LOL! OMG!



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