October 30, 2011

Oral Fix - Dr. Magnus' Lesbian Kiss Just Topped Carmen Carrera's Very Nude Pix

Seems like the sci-fi world went up into flames this past Friday. With Fox Broadcasting's "Fringe event" a no show and now Dr. Helen Magnus' Lesbian Kiss disrupting its loyal fans in good ways and bad. Our last post regarding Sanctuary's lastest episode titled "Monsoon" has made a dramatic leap in our "Popular Posts Of The Week" widget. Its jumped from #7 to #3. Knocking sexy Gender Bender mama Carmen Carrera to number #4. As you all know Carmen's post has been #1 for several months and as of recent days she's come back to hold her #3 spot for a while.

Question now is... Will Dr. Magnus' Lesbian Kiss rise to #1 and kick Joey and Carlos Masi's posts where it hurts soon??? As I stated on the Sanctuary's Fan Page to homophobes and others who disagreed with this episode:

"I'm a gay man, and been out since the age of 15... If Helen Magnus saved me the way she did Charlotte in this episode I would definitely kiss her too! She really charmed me in this episode. More than usual. :)"

Stay tuned our Geeky friends,

Funny Tumblr blog supporting Dr. Helen Magnus called "Fuck Yeah Helen Magnus!"


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