September 23, 2011

Orally Yours - Happy Bisexuality Day

We discussed that Bisexuality exists in episode of 14 of the Oral Fix Podcast and now we happy to celebrate bisexuality day. the day has been an official international day of recognition since 1999, when three bisexual rights activists declared the day to be an official celebration. 
Adrienne Williams, founder of Bi Social Network, released as statement: " We as bisexual people are about to leave a bigger footprint on American culture and show the world we have always been here.  Bisexuality is still not understood, and the bullying has to stop.  We have to all think about the global message we want to send, to inform those people who do not know what bisexuality is-- which includes both the straight and gay  communities."

Shout out to all Bisexuals. Enjoy your day :)


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