February 3, 2012

ORALTASTIC Fix - @ActiveChild Live Cover Eurythmics 'Sweet Dreams'

Video After The Jump
I've been a fan of 'Active Child' since I found them while lurking for music on Soundcloud.com. Pat Grossi's falsettos and harp playing accompanied by mesmorizing syntherzing landscapes entrapped my soul and mind. Well, I guess really my fingers! They were uncontrollably 'entrapped'! I couldn't help but to keep clicking on all available 'free' tracks on the band's Soundcloud.com profile. 

Active Child is very popular for making their music available for downloading, 'free'. I guess they believe that its good marketing practice to make some selects of their work free in hopes to entice fans to buy their music in the future. Which has been a prove 'profitable' strategy by other musicians such as 'Radio Head'.

I admit, this marketing strategy has worked on me successfuly! LOL! I have become fans of bands like 'M83', 'The Sounds Of Arrows', and 'Lovers' and purchased their music because I downloaded their free content.

Well here's a track you won't find on Soundcloud, yet. 'Active Child' appeared on Syndney, Australia's radio show 'Triple J' doing a cover of the Eurythmics' legendary song 'Sweet Dreams'. Active Child does it justice, and Triple J even more by providing a link for a free download copy of the track.

Click Here For A Copy Of AC's Cover of Sweet Dreams

For more Active Child's music and remixes for downloads go to these sites:




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