February 3, 2012

Orally Yours - @Homoground For You, For All 'Feminist Cards'

Videos After The Jump (Above Image 'Tori Amos' by Andrea Rae Georgas)
Drew and myself (Henry) love music, especially well made by our LGBT brethren. We strive to have the best available for you all on our podcast and blog. As we have bragged in our past podcast episode #005, theres not enough exposure out there for the really good bands and independent singers in our community. For sure 'NewNowNext' doesn't highlight them. Well small resource groups like Lynn Casper's podcast 'Homoground' we depend on to provide such talent in our Queer community.

Our friends and sister podcast station 'HomoGround' has a fantastic fundraiser going on. For those of you who don't know, Homoground is a podcast we at 'Oral Fix' follow and have mentioned in  out recent postings and podcast episodes. They are dedicated to promoting visibility and equality pioneering LGBT music artists, on a weekly basis. Bands such as our current favorite 'Lovers' who we recently reviewed their latest album 'Dark Light'. 

Good podcast shows and forums to promote our community's finest need to be supported.  Its not a gimmick, its art, for sale. You get to be a part of it. Homoground's creator/producer Lynn Casper and her crew have a Kickstarter project called 'Feminist Cards'. 14 female artists who are currently in production of a playing deck of cards featuring 52 well known influential female musicians. 

Musicians that are being assembled  are artists such as 'Tori Amos' (above image), Indigo Girls, Edith Piaf, Joni Mitchell, Ani Defranco and the list goes on at their Kickstarter page. As you know royalty fees for these images plus production costs can be absorbent. Homoground needs to raise $12,000 to get the cards off to a good start. In return for your contribution you will receive a 'Feminist Cards'. Well there's a break down on how many decks you get for your contribution depending on your generous amount, on their Kickstarter page

Check out their sponsored videos.

Feminist Playing Cards Kickstarter from lynncasper on Vimeo.
Currently seeking funding until March 21st, 2012. This is a project of Homoground (www.homoground.com)
 video & music by scantron
 photos of cards thanks to robin deary! www.robindeary.com

Feminist Play Cards Project Update #1 from lynncasper on Vimeo.


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