February 8, 2012

Orally Endorsed - 10 Things We #Love 'February Edition'

Drew's Picks

Just Like Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and The City - I am obsessed with shoes and these Burberry Prorsum Calfskin Lace-up Men's Shoes with Fringe Details has stolen Drew's heart.

Love or Hate Nicki Minaj,  you cannot deny that rapper has made her mark. The rapper will be performing at the Super Bowl with the legendary Madonna and will be releasing her sophomore album Pink Friday: Roman's Revenge which was suppose to be released on Valentine's Day but now will on April 3rd. We cannot wait!!

I love the bags from Canadian accessories WANT Les Essentiels De LA Vie. The bags are little pricey but you should always invest in accessories i.e a nice bag, coat, shoes, sunglasses to help update your wardrobe and to help make your outfit. >>Check Them Out Here

We are big fans of the Brooklyn-based duo Sleigh Bells, who are signed to M.I.A's record label N.E.E.T. The duo debut album Treats was great and got a lot of buzz and we are sure their highly anticipated sophomore album Reign of Terror available on February 21st will be just as good; if not better.

We adore lucious lips actor Michael Pitt. We were sad to see him killed off on HBO's hit series Boardwalk Empire but are happy to see him as the face of Prada's 50's style Spring/Summer 2012 campaign.

Henry's Picks

HP Folio 13 is a knock off of Apple's MacBook Pro design but made (specs-wise) to compete with the MacBook Air. Hitting hard though on performance, ports, and LONG battery life, this HP laptop is a smart competitor! Winning Cnet's Editors Choice Award, which is no easy feat, grabbed my attention as many of you know Drew and I are in need of new laptops. This would be our choice, on a smart budget! 

If I owned a iPhone... *ahem* 'iPhone 5' with a 'large' screen, 5" screen please, Apple! I would definitely decorate the iPhone with these phone covers made to look like classic Apple products. These covers by 'Sheer Delights' will make your current iPhone 4 and 4S look like retro 'Apple IIe' and original 'iMac' and 'iBook' clamshell designs. Perhaps the iPhone 5 too! If it really comes out this summer. Really 'rad' man! :)  
>>Get Them Here

Though I'm not a Lesbian, I always felt a kin to them. Maybe that's why I was picked on by them all my Junior High School life and 'out' life as an adult... maybe I'm just too feminist for them... with a cock! Anyway, I love to own the 'Feminist Cards' deck! Sister podcast 'Homoground' has launched a Kickstarter project to raise money to help get their vision of a 52 (re-imagined) playing card deck. Drawn by 14 female artists, who replace the card images with 52 images of well known female musicians. Images range from 'Tori Amos' to 'Indigo Girls' and more!

Since we did a commentary on make-up for men in Episode #032, I've been itching to get my hands on Jean Paul Gaultier's line called "Monsieur". The whole cosmetic product line is made from high grade materials for any man's 'sensitive face. I have a very sensitive skin and need to watch what I put on my face. Especially when doing drag. But once out of drag I like to keep my appearance fresh and appealing for the public eyes and my self portraits. I am so curious to know if there is a difference of quality between M.A.C. cosmetics for women and Jean's. >>Check Out The Line Here

Final, but not least, ever since we reviewed "Wonders" I have been wanting to own the entire music collection of the Swedish Electro-Pop group 'Sounds of Arrows'. They mesmerizing synths, lyrics, and Pep Shop Boys sound are to die for! Well, not literally, but sure worth the money!! I wouldn't mind seeing them in concert either!! >>Check Out Our Post Here 


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