February 8, 2012

OMG Fix - @1Girl5Gays Naked / @VictoriaBeckham "She's Like Gay" / @Manhunt Silent Morning

This morning has just been one shock after another... stunned believe it or not! First lets start with '1 Girl 5 Gays'! A naked episode that has been in the talk for a while on the show. From their blog post on Tumblr seems like it going to happen this Friday at 11pm EST! We tried to get a sneak peek video but nothing was to be found on the web. But this shot of 'Santos' below, lmao!

Then after finishing a trip to Manhunt.com there was a promo for a song called "She's Like Gay" with some Queer looking guy on the cover "Andrew Doriane". So why not and click play, Victoria Beckham is featured in the video?! We couldn't really wrap our heads around this one... A Bisexual's fantasy come true? Fag-Hag song of the month?!? WTF???? You decide, let us know what your think! "Back Into The Closet" material???

Find out why Henry's morning became 'silent' this 2/8/12 morning! Follow the new series he started on his x-rated blog called "Manhunt Diaries" and meet "Mr. Big Pinga": Click Here


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