January 24, 2012

Oral Lash - #CynthiaNixon Wants #Homosexuality To Be A 'Choice'

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Okay she's supposedly not advocating that Homosexuality be a 'choice'. But she's definitely going about it in a round about way. Beating around the bush sort to speak...

Hmmm, Cynthia... Oh let me count the wrongs in some of your 'choices'. Your choice is not befitting for all us Gays! If we start acknowledging that its a 'choice' we open ourselves to much more scrutiny from people that want to put us under a microscope! Why does it matter that you 'need' it to be a choice??

Cynthia, why are you dancing around with your frivolous explanations on why its your 'choice' in public, for the NYT's??? SMH! I see Cynthia never had to under go Electro Shock Therapy for just 'being' Gay! Or had an Exorcism for that fact of the matter!

Well, all good and said, we know Cynthia is not out to get us. But she's sure putting up some boundaries between "us". But, and but, and but...! Someone needs to counsel 'Mizz Cynthia Honey' before she takes this philosophy that being Gay is a 'choice' to the rest of the masses. She can afford to speak out, from her "glass house". She's a wealthy woman who can buy lawyers to defend herself. But when her words fall on ears of people who are still discovering who and what they are and have no means of financial or physical defense...? Its just a plain dumb-ass and irresponsible move on her 'spokesperson' of 'me', 'myself', and 'I' trip, out of reality!

Orally yours,

Want more, here's the New York Times feature.

Here's the Huffington Post gathered information.

***Updated News From Unicornbooty.com Here - Cynthia Just Can't Keep Her Mouth Shut


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