October 28, 2011

Vampire Fix - Twilight Saga Count 'Dawn'... Trailer 2 MUCH BETTAH!!!

Video After The Jump
"Thin cheeks, heart beat, I think I'd be use to telling you good-bye by now." -Jacob Black

A very dramatic trailer that I escaped me. Watching this trailer I realized that they did a great job covering up the bad make-up jobs featured in our previous post. LOL! And, well, this trailer gives me hope for some real entertainment and contentment for the story being played out in my head and heart.

Yes, I'm confessing that I haven't read the books nor have interest in doing so...
I know, I know, the books are 'sooooo' much better! I have plenty of friends who are fans of the books tell me so. But I fell in love with the first 'movie' first... so far I love the way its panning out. :^)

'Countdawn': T-Minus "21 Days" "...ah-ah-ah-aaaaaah" ^_^


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