October 31, 2011

Oral Fix Podcast, Episode #021: Special Guest: Who You Love Apparel

This episode Oral Fix presents you with an interview with apparel company "Who You Love", as with a new segment "Music Fix", a Fringe rant from Henry, and Drew is cutting up Runway clones! A show you don't want to miss.

Hosted By: Drew Brown and Henry M. Diaz
Topic: Interview w/Who You Love 
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Show Notes

OFP's AlunaGeorge Post Featured In UnSound
Fox Fringe Fridays Or Smell Of "SyFail's Tatics"?
NBC's Grimm
Thundercats Ep. 9: "Berbils"

Music Fix
Reviews of New Albums by:
Bjork's: Biophilla

Florence and The Machine: Ceremonials

Music Break: CSS - City Grrrl(Teeth Remix)

Main Drag
Topic: Interview w/Who You Love Apparel,
Adam Czosowsaki, COO/Co-founder of
Who You Love Apparel

1) Can you tell us how “Who You Love Apparel” got started?
2) Who came up with the slogan "Love Looks Good On You"?
3) Why was it important for WYL to give proceeds of your sales to LGBT?
4) Who came up with the slogan: “I don’t give a fuck who you love”?
5) Where were you when New York Passed Gay Marriage?
6) What has been the response to your product?
7) Where and how can folks purchase your merchandise?
8) Are you and your partner Straight or Gay?
9) Can Gay men have Straight male friends?
Who You Love Website
Who You Love Apparel Twitter Feed
Who You Love Apparel Facebook Fan Page

Music Break: Jane's Addiction - Irresistible Force

Back Into The Closet
Drew's Item: "Gays Who Buy Run-way Clothes Just to Have Style (e.i. Ab Fab's Dina)"
Henry's Item: "Nothing"

Ending Music: Foster The People - Life on the Nickel (Mansions on the moon remix)


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