February 1, 2012

TV Fix - OLD Dogs & NEW Tricks Season 1, Finale "Strange Bedfellows" @ODNTTheSeries

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Well! Since the debut of OLD Dogs & NEW Tricks on our blog, seems like you all loved it. Well here's the finale! It posted yesterday afternoon, PST. A shame, because we want MORE!!!

Though there will be a second season. We just have to wait for 'a while'. Arrg! Are we silly fags to say that?!? No! We are FANS of this show! Very good and well thought out scripts. Really there isn't well written TV 'GAY' sitcoms like this on TV anymore. Watch-out for subtle-sly puns, and inuendos and hidden metaphors. We are sure your GAYDAR will go ringing off the hook!

This episode starts off and finishes with Nathan's (Leon Acord, Actor/Creator) dating dry-spell, at the age of 50. Nathan bitches at his Therapist(Patrick Bristow, Guest) who is comical and not so useful Therapist in the beginning. The Therapist, asks Nathan what's his "Super Power". In the in-between of it all, the show revisits Brad's(Curt Bonnem) "Hank Hightower" femmy look-a-like trick (Felipe Echerri), who insists on being fucked blindfolded, again. And our hunky-muscle bottoming duo (Muscles and Bobby) Jeffrey Patrick Olsen and Thom Bierdz), are still fighting for the 'bottom'! Find out why Nathan's secretary 'Lydia'(Amanda Abel) has to take a message at the end of this episode!

We laughed till we cried today! 'OLD Dogs & New Tricks' doesn't stop dissappointing us! Follow them on all of their social networks, you can find the links on their webiste: www.olddogsnewtrickstheseries.com



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