February 16, 2012

ORALTASTIC - '@JonnaLee' Is '@iamamiwhoami'

Video After The Jump
As I write this I'm realizing I have become a Youtube consumer. TV? Who needs cable when we have the internet?? Right? LOL. I stumbled upon this enigmatic talent 'iamamiwhoami' last year via Youtube. I watched her video 'b'. I was caught by her silence and her synths, and must admit was not captivated till now.

Drew and myself are lovers of well done Electro music and the 'strange'. But speaking for myself I love experimental music. 'iamamiwhoami' for a while eluded me until I Google'd her today. I finally found her real name and a bit more about her. An 'emerging' recording artist from Sweden, who has sold music on her own without the help of a big recording label. Recording artist 'Jonna Lee' has become an "underground' Youtube sensation amongst music lovers. She's been broadcasting Youtube the channel titled 'Kanal von iamamiwhoami' for more than a year.

Last year recording label D.E.F. Management, renownly known for recording artists 'Moby', 'Robyn', 'Fever Ray', and 'Kleerup',  discovered Jonna.  Now she has a full album under the alias 'iamamiwhoami' in the works. Slated for release this coming June 11, 2012.  Hmmm... a couple of days short of your 1 year anniversary!

Jonna's latest release on her Youtube channel is called "Sever". A very muted, pale, and suspenseful video set to a disdainful and melancholy of a tune. Sure not to disappoint! Check out 'iamamiwhoami' and if you like her music as we do, get caught up on her channel and buy her music on iTunes and Amazon.com.

Also, follow her work on her fans blog 'iambountyfan.com'

Henry :^)


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