February 11, 2012

Orally Yours - Rest In Peace #WhitneyHouston, 'Greatest Love Of All'

News Update, Video & Free Music After The Jump

Today via Facebook messages Drew and I got the news that our childhood idol and icon 'Whitney Houston' passed away. The details are unclear at the moment since they have not been disclosed. I went to ABC News to get further clarity, but seems like all online news publications are saying the same thing. We'll have to sit and wait for further information.

We are deeply sadden by this loss to the music community and our human race. As a child Drew and myself were influenced by the late 'Whitney Houston'. Her song 'Greatest Love Of All' up lifted and inspired many hearts and minds around the world. Especially ours as this song debuted in our childhood. It launched her in the forefront of the music scene. Putting her up there among stars like 'Michael Jackson', 'Madonna' and more. She will forever live inside our hearts and minds. As her children and loved family members.

Orally Yours,
Henry & Drew

UPDATE VIA CNN, 10:30PM EST, 2/11/12:

Mix of Her Best Music

Here's Are Some Covers Of 'Greatest Love Of All'


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