February 15, 2012

Gadget Of The Week - @Targus_Inc 'Chill Lap Mat' @BestBuy

Henry and I have been pretty vocal about laptop troubles on our previous podcast episodes. While in Canada, my five year old HP Pavillion laptop started making a strange noise. It sounded like the chainsaw from 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.' When my brother helped me realized it was the internal fan that was making the noise I took action to clean her up. 

After cleaning. the CPU fan, I thought 'we' would be in the clear, but to my surprise the noise continued and I was 'not' too happy. However, when I got back to New York, the noise stopped. I guessed it didn't like Canada (no offense).

I finally thought the "chainsaw" was gone for good! But it returned, and gurrl I was scared! With the help of Henry, my co-host and 'Geek'-bitch. All hail her 'tech' reviews!  He explained that my it was overheating. The processing chip, along with graphics card, are so out-dated that its hard for them to keep up with running the latest applications and media streaming from the internet. Well, at this poing I rushed to the the nearest Best Buy. 

I purchased the Targus Lap Chill Mat. Henry, explained his on going fan/overheating problem with his Toshiba M400-Protege laptop. Which the Targus Chill Lap Mat solved. His laptop naturally overheats,   because this is the way it was manufactured (ewe). After 5 years, Henry has tried all types of cooling mats and pads. Ooh, I know, to a Gay man it don't sound good, but he said to go with this one from Targus, aposed to the Logitech M200 that I was considering.

While its a mouthful to utter, the Targus Lap Chill Mat and a 'huge' piece of equipment, the Lap Chill Mat is simple in design and easy on the eyes. Oh, easy on the pocket too! I think it was designed to not be noticed, after placing your laptop on it. I love the neoprene surface. Henry says that extra space in the middle is plenty of room for cool and fresh air to stream into the fans, and keep the laptop cool enough. 

Its dual fans are powered by a USB connection to my laptop kept my laptop cool and no longer sounding like someone was about to get "killed in a horror movie". So, if you're in need to keep your laptop cool I strongly suggest you run out and get yourself the sleek designed Targus Lap Chill Mat. Not only is the price affordable (Bestbuy $29.99, some other places $39.99) but you will no longer have to raise the volume on your TV to drown out the noise coming from your computer.

Orally endorsed,
Drew :^)


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