February 9, 2012

Gadget Of The Week - #NYFW EXCLUSIVE Inside Look 'Chunky's Americana Lens' By @Hipstamatic & @MrChunkyExpress

Hipstamatic & Chiun-Kai Shih
New York Fashion Week is always buzzing about something new, but how often does it give you exclusive freebies as this one we're about to give you today?!? As mentioned in last week's blog post, my friend 'Chunky' shoots high profiled fashion models and designer clothing, mostly with his iPhone as of late. iPhone App maker 'Hipstamatic' inspired by 'Chunky's' work created the "Chunky lens". For those of you not familiar with the Hipstamatic App, its a photography app that allows you to take photos using various preset filters, which come in a form called 'Lens'. Each lens has a different price, normally $.99 per lens. Well worth the money we say. But, Chunky & Hipstamatic's new lens "Made In America: Americana Lens Pak" will be 'free' to download from within the 'Hipstamatic' app, from now till the 16th of February! 

I spoke with Chunky today regarding the 'Americana Lens Pak'. He says he teamed up with Hipstamatic again to create something to inspire Americans. "Made for 'America', in 'America' and for New York Fashion Week's most talented designers. The Lens are designed to make everything captured by the lens to evoke inspiration, creativity, freedom... to sing the users inner freedom to the rest of the world." My friend 'Chunky' is quite the passionate artist!

My first impression from first glances of the 'exclusive' photos he sent me... Sooo Chunky! I love the cool tones from the color film... "stunning", "that damn iPhone camera, you can do anything with it!" ... "where is my iPhone 5 with that LARGE screen"! As I am writing this I am charging my old iPhone 3G so I can download the 'Americana Lens and Case' and test it out. The quality of these photos are amazing! They compete with DSLR quality camera photos!

Direct From Today's Runway. Photo Taken By Chunky
Photo Taken By 'Chunky'
Direct From Today's Runway. Photo Taken By 'Chunky'
Providing cinematic quality and the most minimal of low-level presets, these filters, according to Chunky will help capture the most accurate colors and details of your subjects. The 'Americana Lens' launched yesterday at New York Fashion Week. Available for a free for a limited time, Februrary 8th thru 16th, 2012. Download at the Apple App store or via iTunes.  The 'Made In American: Americana Lens Pak' consists of:

  • Americana Lens: Soft blurry light and true accurate colors.
  • Old Glory Camera Case: Its just the face cover of the camera within the app.
  • Blanko Freedom 13 Film: "From the lack of border, to the triple stripe corner, this film was made for you and me (Available as part of HipstaPak on 2/17/12)"
  • US1776 Film: "This black and white classic is the biggest thing since John Hancock's signature. (Available as part of HipstaPak on 2/17/12)"

“A melting pot of people and ideas, America is a place where people have the freedom to create. We hope the Americana lens encourages Hipstamatic users to capture their own journeys, redefining what it means to live in America” said Lucas Buick, founder of Hipstamatic. “This year, we’re urging people to put their own spin on 'Americana,' and inspire others through visual storytelling.”

8 Fashion Designers and 4 invited participating junior designers were asked to curate Chunky's & Hipstomatic's 'Made In America: Americana Lens' gallery. They will each show off their collections for the week using the 'Americana Lens Pak' during the week. 

As an added bonus to the 'Oral Fix' followers, we will have exclusivity too first hand photos from each designers show. For the remainder of New York's Fashion Week! YAY!!!

Featured Fashion Designers are as follow: 

STEVEN ALAN - Steven Alan
BILLYKIRK - Chris Bray + Kirk Bray
Cole Haan - Phil Russo
3x1 Made Here - Scott Morrison
Saturday Surf NYC - Josh Rosen, Morgan Collett, + Colin Tunstall
16sur20 - James Jurney
ROBERT GELLER - Robert Geller
Title of Work - Jonathan Meizler
Converse - Andrew Buckler

Invited Junior Designers are:

Del Toro - Matthew Chevallard
Feltraiger - Daniel Feldman & Jon Feldman
FAHLGREN - Brett Fahlgren
Read's Clothing Project - Read Wall

Read Our Last Week's Post On Chunky Springtime Spread 
Follow Chunky Here
Get App And Down the'Made In America Pak' For Free Here

Check out today's shoot by designer 'Steven Alan', you can also view the rest of the photos on Hipstamatic's Facbook Fan page



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