January 31, 2012

TV Fix - Webseries 'OLD Dogs & NEW Tricks' @ODNTTheSeries

Video After The Jump
A quickie for you guys and those parties interested. I stumbled on this series via Boy Culture's blog. 'OLD Dogs & NEW Tricks' didn't catch my attention as what did was the title of the post. Which was referencing some battle to win the 'bottom' position. Which is rare in our community of Gay men.

So, I stopped by their Youtube channel, while drinking my coffee, to see what the 'big' deal was about. To my surprise, for a webseries, it was nice in length, smart, funny, and attractive! With an alluring 'Sexy In The City' appeal. I'm gonna have to catch up on the episodes! I'm so excited I have something new and fresh to watch!

Orally yours,

UPDATE: Catch The Season Finale Here


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