January 26, 2012

Tech Fix - @MollyWood Gives The Lo-Down On Google's Latest Schemes

Buzz Report After The Jump
While Motorola creates really good press with its newest Droid Razr Maxx (2) which boasts longer battery power, a days worth. Three months later after releasing the Droid Razr (1)... Molly Wood is back giving her "power to the people" rants and news coverage of the latest and greatest in this weeks happenings in the world of Technology.

Always on point, Molly also gives us clearer and funny understanding behind Google's latest strategy to unite user data from one Google service to another. Find out what happened after Google geeks became aware of the idea of having 'all' of our Google user data. It's starting to smell like FACEBOOK! SMH!

It's worth mentioning that Molly speaks out at the end of her report against Homophobic gamers!

Thanks Molly!! ;-)


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