January 24, 2012

ORALTASTIC - Danish Singer @Nabihamusic

Videos After The Jump
We came across Nabiha's single 'Trouble' during an episode of VH1's Mob Wives of all places. We liked what we heard, and immediately Google'd the Danish born and raised singer. Check out her Trouble from her retro-pop with a mix of R&B album 'More Cracks' and 'Deep Sleep' of her debut album 'Cracks'. Which has already garnered lots of attention in Europe.

For more information on Nabiha visit her website here Nabihamusic.com/


  1. I love Nabiha! You should hear her latest single - the best ever:

    Never played the bass

  2. Thanks for the lead! That was a really good video and song! Love her dress!!!


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