December 18, 2011

Vampire Fix - Kate Beckinsale Is Back As 'Celine' In "Underworld Awakening"

Video After The Jump
I recently watched #TwilightBreakingDawn Part 1 and must say I [Henry] was totally disappointed. Seemed like producers get really relaxed after having a string of 3 successful movies. "Underworld Awakening" is the fourth installment of the Underworld storyline. 'Underworld Awakening' seems to be what "Underworld Rise of the Lycans" (Part 3) should've been, but was not. Mostly because our favorite vampire huntress 'Celine' was not in the movie!

'Celine' is back! Yay for actress "Kate Beckinsale"!! It was rumored she was not in Underworld 3 because of script and funding issues. Hopefully Mrs. Beckinsale got both this time! I'm sure if its good enough for her it will be for me, and maybe for you too.

I can't wait till its release January 20th, 2012!


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