December 13, 2011

Orally Yours - #50,000 Views!!! #ThankYOU!!!

Thank you everyone for continuing to follow us on our blog, listening and downloading our podcast! If you don't know it, we become more and more popular as search engines see that you're directing your browsers to our URL address. The search engine can tell that your are coming here a lot and will rank us accordingly for content.

As a thank you, we are giving you one of our favorite 'sweet spots' online where we get the very best of 'free' digital music. 'Ghostly International' has a music service and free mobile app called "Ghostly Discovery". Fairly new, the service helps you to discover their music using 'color theroy'. So far, their mobile app is only for the iPhone only. We hope that changes. Both versions are fun, hope you like it too!

>>Click Here "Ghostly Discovery"


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