December 18, 2011

ORALLICIOUS - 'Sheffield Hallam University' Rugby Jocks "Go WILD"

Video After The Jump
Yes folks another #UK #Rugby team goes buck wild on us! They are so free and liberal with their bodies in Europe. We are surely not complaining here! Sister queer blog "" realsed recently a slide of behind the scenes photos for "Sheffield Hallam University's" amateur photo calendar of naked college Rugby Jocks! I'm sure they are trying to raise money for their rugby club?

Be sure to watch a video by a more professional style of Rugby picture taking, before jumping to the link. We found Rubgy club' "Dieux Du Stade" 'extra' footage scenes of their current calendar shoots. Yeah its worth an OMG! Guys in the barn rolling around with horses, and taking long walks in the 'hot' desert sun!

Now our question is "how did the 'Rug' in "Rugby" get in there??? Hmmmm...

Making of Dieux Du Stade 2011 - Extras by biako06


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