December 13, 2011

He/She Said Fix - #LadyGaga Plays Role Of #AmyWinehouse In Bio. Movie?

If you haven't heard, there are rumors spreading about that haven't been really confirmed. 'Lady Gaga' may play the role of the late 'Amy Winehouse' in an upcoming biographical movie. got there 'tea' from who says Amy's 'Dad' wants Gaga to do the role.

Our heads are spinning. Are yours too? Well, they are both kinda tragic recording artists... Gaga on one had is not really appreciated by one half of the world and Amy is loved by all, but she had a drinking problem and passed away. Mistress of disguises! We believe Gaga could pull it off. Now the real question is... is there a movie and will Gaga want to do it? What do you think?

Will Lady Gaga want to play the role of Amy Winehouse??? Article Article
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