November 11, 2011

Music Fix - Cover Song Battle

It takes a lot balls to try a cover of a classic song. In our first cover song music battle, we picked two songs that were recently covered by two divas from the U.K. We need your help to decide who did a better job. The Cure, one of our favorite bands, gave us "Love Song" a true classic, and one of their many hits.

Portishead, another favorite of ours,  made us fall in love with them with "Sour Times" which was their only commercial hit; However, Beth Gibbons and the boys produced two great albums before taking a break, and  helped create a new genre of music; which the media called "Trip-hop" in the 90's.

Fast forward to 2011- and these classic songs have been covered by two great artist. Adele, who we love a huge fans of, did a cover of "Love Song" on her album "21" and the R&B Diva Marsha Ambrosius, former lead singer of the group Floetry, took on Portishead's "Sour Times" on her debut album "Late night Early Mornings." Both  did a commendable job, but we want You to decide who did a better a job. Click on the videos and then leave a comment to tell us  which one you like the best.


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