November 12, 2011

Fashion Fix - Burberry's Amazing Holographic Runway

Video After The Jump
We here at the Oral Fix, know that the potential for technology is great and sometime limitless, and that what we see at our grasp in stores is only a fraction of what is 'really' has being created behind closed doors, and has yet to be seen by the public. If you haven't heard yet of about the fashion clothing line "Burberry" and the 4/2011 runway show they had in Beijing, China. Well now you have!

Before you go onto Google this wonderful display of not only their clothing, but also the amazing holographic runway ever recorded to date! Take a look at the full show and official video release on Burberry's Youtube channel. By the way, the show gets really intense 10 minutes into the show.


Women's Wear show (non-holographic effects)


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