October 25, 2011

Vampire Fix - Twilight: Breaking Dawn Count Down

Video After The Jump
We, I and Drew can't wait to see what really unfurls in Twilight's latest movie "Breaking Dawn Part 1"! Vampire baby? Human? Or still born? :(
Why did Summit Films wait till after Halloween to release this Vampire movie? Hmm... So wrong to say but so wrongly noticeable is Edward's clown like make-up job in this movie! Seriously guys!?! OMG! SMH!!

Okay, okay, okay, so the movie is not out yet and I shouldn't rip it to shreds, but... Kristen is still playing Bella as a baby girl who doesn't say much but mutters her way through the movie...?  Arrrg!

Here's the second or third trailer from the Youtube Official Channel. Okay... November 18th, 2011... T-Minus 24 Days and counting!

- Henry


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