October 30, 2011

Sci-Fi Fix - Dr. Helen Magnus Finds "Sanctuary" In A Lesbian Kiss

Video After The Jump
Last Friday night, our beloved lead character of the show Sanctuary, of 1 out of two great shows left on SyFy, has found herself 'sanctuary' in a surprising Lesbian kiss! Dr. Helen Magnus (a.k.a. Amanda Tapping from the shows Stargate SG-1 and SG-A) has long been an independent scientist saving lives and welfare of Abnormals.

Not only a scientist, she's an weapons expert and fighting, and she's an Abnormal as well. Here unique ability is longevity and I believe heightened intelligence. Which was procured through an experiment her father and some colleagues conducted with the use Vampire's blood. Amanda Tapping has never been so sexy and fierce as the same time!

May I add, Dr. Helen Magnus has been single for far too long!

As I posted before on my post regarding Fox's "SyFail" cancelling tactics, the great and smart shows that SyFy has syndicated are cancel right as they begin to get to the good stuff! Especially the shows incorporating 'Queer' folk. So, we at the Oral Fix are praying that SyFy's tactics change for the better and not mess this one up! Because Sanctuary is definitely on a roll lately!

Here's the latest episode titled "Monsoon" featuring Dr. Magnus' Lesbian kiss and possibly new love interest!

Enjoy! :^)


  1. I'm out of here..why do these shows have to be activist and try to force their homosexual/lesbian views on their audience..are ratings that bad!

  2. Because talk like yours warrant it..? :-)

  3. Way out of the story line with the lesbian kiss. For shock value only.
    Many comments have been on how they were so 'shocked' over this. Not in the mood for a lesbial theme. I thought the show was pretty good sci/fi. Maybe not. Thought Amanda Topping looked uncomfortable in the Magnus kissing roll. Will not watch if this is kept up.


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