July 26, 2011

ORALTASTIC - Is "Nero" Heralding In A New Era Of Sound In Pop Culture!?!

Until Lady Gaga and Britney decide what the hell they want to make of the future of Pop Music and culture... Seems to me that the "European Music Invasion" of the late '80's and early 90's is back to influence Pop Culture! The U.K. DJ group "Nero" like its predecessor "Daft Punk" specializes in digital music. The only twist here is that Nero feeds off orchestra like Dubstep beats. And, they have a killer female vocalist known as "Alana (Nero)". Mysterious indeed, but quite catchy.

Dubstep is rather underground, not that popular in mainstream music these days. But now and then, like Techno, its surfacing in today's music. Nero seems to channel it properly for mainstream listeners. Their debut album "Welcome Reality"is awaiting its release which is due next month.

This leads me to believe that Nero may just be the start of a new era in electronic Pop Music and culture!
Take a look at their video and my favorite so far "Guilt". Also, their latest is worth looking at "Promises"!

Orally yours,


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