March 12, 2012

Episode #038 - Chit 4 Chat w/ Photographer 'Angel Colon'

This week's episode Henry and Drew welcome a 100,000 blog views, they discuss the lack of feedback, a disheartening good-bye to Mister Pinga, a topic for Tit-4-Tat "Why do Gay Men Attach Each Other?", and Special Guest Photographer/Artist 'Angel Colon'.

Hosted By: Drew Brown and Henry M. Diaz

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Show Notes

Weekly Review

  • Feedback
  • Stress Promotes Longevity
  • 'Mister Pinga' (a.k.a Mr. Too Big)
  • Toronto, Canada

Tit-4-Tat "Why Do Gay Men Attack Each Other?" 

Homorazzi Blog Post

Music Break 1:

Chit 4 Chat w/ 'Angel Colon'

Yours Truly Henry M. Diaz

Music Break 2:

Good Byes
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Ending Music: Lana Del Ray - Born To Die (Guxxi Vump Remix)


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