September 12, 2011

Oral Fix Podcast, Episode #015: Remember 9/11, and Players

Beat and exhausted, Drew and Henry, our dynamic duo remember 9/11 and those who passed away and those who have been traumatized by their losses. As well, they serve up some interesting content on hating Lesbians and stalking 'Players'! Tune-in!

Hosted By: Drew Brown and Henry M. Diaz
Theme Topic: Remember 9/11, and Players

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Show Notes
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Drew and Henry catch up on their previous week and remember 9/11.
Amazing Articles, Images and Videos On

Music Break:
Solvent - Loss For Words

Main Drag
Photo By Henry M. Diaz
Topic: Players

Featured Mentions:

Music Break:
Michna - Triple Chrome

Back Into The Closet

Drew's Item:
The Word "Tranny"

Henry's Item:
Wicked People Who Use the word "Tranny"

Featured Mentions:
"La CHamaca" Debut Performance

Ending Music:
Matthew Dear - Death to Feelers


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